Why heirloom

denoting a traditional variety of plant or breed of animal that is not associated with large-scale commercial agriculture.

when most people think "heirloom" the first thing that comes to mind is tomatoes. but to us the word "heirloom" is so much more. it's knowing our farmers. knowing where our live stock comes from. at heirloom catering we are constantly humbled by the bounty we are surrounded with on the central coast and how it enables us to put our best food forward. starting from the soil up.

As a fire forward catering company we enjoy utilizing open wood fire with our assortment of fire tables, VERTICAL rotisseries and argentinian style crosses. Bringing a fun and unique feature to your next event all while allowing guests to interact with the chefs and be a part of the EXPERIENCE.

at heirloom catering we pride ourselves in Creative Food that is locally driven and designing the most ideal menu that fits your event. we look forward to tailoring the perfect food experience for you and your guests.

heirloom catering est. 2016